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Public beta for Mapbox Search JS

Mapbox Search JS is in public beta. During the public beta phase, frameworks may be subject to potential changes as they stabilize.


AddressMinimap is a React component that displays a marker for confirmation purposes.

Optionally, this marker is editable. When editable, the marker can be moved around the map and the updated location is sent back to the Mapbox Contribute workflow.

The goal of AddressMinimap is to reduce delivery or geolocation error in shipping and local dispatching contexts.

AddressMinimap expands to fill its container, and is hidden unless AddressMinimapProps#feature and AddressMinimapProps#show are truthy.

Internally, this wraps the <mapbox-address-minimap> element.

new AddressMinimap(props: AddressMinimapProps)



export function Component() {
return (
<AddressMinimap accessToken={<your access token here>}>
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