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Web Reference

Search JS Web is the main entry-point to Mapbox Search JS, and provides rich UI components on top of Search JS Core.

This documentation is divided into several sections:

  • Address Autofill. The autofill function will attach address autofill suggestions to any <input> elements with the proper autocomplete attributes. This behavior can be controlled manually with the MapboxAddressAutofill custom element or by responding to proper events.
  • Search Box. The MapboxSearchBox custom element lets you search for places, addresses, and landmarks. It can also provide navigation estimates and control a Mapbox GL JS map.
  • Geocoding. The MapboxGeocoder custom element lets you search for addresses and places. It can also control a Mapbox GL JS map.
  • Address minimap. The MapboxAddressMinimap custom element lets users confirm a physical location on a map, reducing delivery errors in both shipping and local dispatching contexts.
  • Theming. This section describes the Control Theme API reference, which allows you to fully customize Search JS Web elements to match your design system.
  • Properties and options. This section describes option and property types shared by multiple web components.
  • Events and event types. This section describes the different types of events that Search JS Web can raise.
  • Configuration. This section describes shared settings across Search JS Web components.

Each section describes classes or objects as well as their properties, parameters, instance members, and associated events. Many sections also include inline code examples and related resources.

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