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Mapbox Search JS

Current version: v1.0.0-beta.20

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    Improve checkout conversion
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    Interactive search
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    Fully customizable
Public beta for Mapbox Search JS

Mapbox Search JS is in public beta. During the public beta phase, frameworks may be subject to potential changes as they stabilize.

Mapbox Search JS is a set of client-side JavaScript libraries for building interactive search experiences using the Mapbox Search Service. You can use Mapbox Search JS to add address autofill to a web browser, add a search box to a Mapbox GL JS map, and retrieve suggestion coordinates programmatically.

  • Works with existing HTML5 autocomplete tags
  • Fully themeable to match your design system
  • Accessibility-first (ARIA), mobile and desktop native
  • First-class support for Google Tag Manager, HTML Custom Elements, and React

Want to get started right away? See the quickstart guide.

Use cases

Use cases for Mapbox Search JS include:

  • Address Autofill to increase customer conversion
  • Address verification and delivery point confirmation
  • Interactive search experience to control a map
  • Interface with Search APIs across Web, Node.js, and React Native

For more inspiration about what you can do with Mapbox Search JS, see our tutorials, examples, and the Mapbox customer showcase page.

Structure of Search JS

Mapbox Search JS consists of three frameworks:

Search JS Web

Search JS Web is the main entry-point to Mapbox Search JS, and provides rich UI components on top of Search JS Core.

These are defined as HTML Custom Elements, meaning they have the same fidelity as built ins such as <button> and <input>. Helpers are also included in Search JS Web for use in low-code environments, where modifying the HTML is not accessible or necessary.

See the Web reference or tutorials to get started.

Search JS React

Search JS React provides rich UI components in React, built on top of Search JS Web. This is the recommended entry-point Mapbox Search JS for large-scale applications.

Search JS React also provides React hooks based on Search JS Core interfaces.

See the React reference or tutorials to get started.

Search JS Core

Search JS Core provides a higher level framework for the Mapbox Search Service. The framework provides strong typing for the APIs, handles requests/responses automatically, and can manage session tokens.

Search JS Core is consumed by Search JS Web and other frameworks. It is not reliant on Web technologies, and can be used in most JavaScript environments. We officially support Web, Node.js, and React Native.

See the Core reference or tutorials to get started.

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