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Mapbox provides Search APIs, SDKs, and Libraries to empower location search in your apps.

Search APIs

Mapbox has two search-related APIs: the Mapbox Search Box API and the Mapbox Geocoding API.

The Mapbox Search Box API allows you to build location search experiences by enabling search suggestions and feature retrieval for both addresses and points of interest (POI). Search Box API supports multiple use cases, including interactive search, category search, and reverse lookup for coordinates.

The Mapbox Geocoding API allows you to do forward and reverse geocoding operations. Forward Geocoding takes text in the form of an address or place and converts it to geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude). Reverse geocoding takes geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) and converts it into an address or place in text form.

Search SDKs and Libraries

Integrate the Mapbox Search APIs into mobile and web-based apps with the Mapbox Search SDK for iOS, Mapbox Search SDK for Android, Mapbox Search JS, and Mapbox GL Geocoder Plugin for Mapbox GL JS.