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React Reference

Search JS React provides rich UI components in React, built on top of Search JS Web. This is the recommended entry-point Mapbox Search JS for large-scale applications.

This documentation is divided into several sections:

  • Address Autofill. The <AddressAutofill> component will fill child <input> elements with the proper autocomplete attributes.
  • Search Box. The <SearchBox> component lets you search for places, addresses, and landmarks. It can also provide navigation estimates and control a Mapbox GL JS map.
  • Address minimap. The <AddressMinimap> custom element lets users confirm a physical location on a map, reducing delivery errors in both shipping and local dispatching contexts.
  • Hooks. This section describes React hooks provided to interact with Search JS Core and Web interfaces.

Each section describes classes or objects as well as their properties, parameters, instance members, and associated events. Many sections also include inline code examples and related resources.

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