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GeoJSON is an open standard file format for representing map data. Mapbox web services and APIs serve geospatial data as GeoJSON. GeoJSON is a subset of the JSON format and can be parsed natively by JavaScript and in most modern software.

You can upload GeoJSON files to Mapbox as tilesets using Mapbox Tiling Service or as datasets or tilesets using the Mapbox Uploads API. You can also upload GeoJSON files to Mapbox Studio, which uses the Uploads API, as either datasets or tilesets.

There are several open source tools for converting other geospatial data formats to GeoJSON, including:

  • togeojson, a Node package for converting KML and GPX (XML formats)
  • ogr2ogr, a vector data conversion tool
  •, a Mapbox developer tool for creating, converting, and editing GeoJSON

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