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Search session

Public beta for Mapbox Search JS

Mapbox Search JS is in public beta. During the public beta phase, frameworks may be subject to potential changes as they stabilize.


A SearchSession object is a managed entrypoint to the Mapbox Search Box API or Mapbox Address Autofill API.

SearchSession abstracts the suggest/retrieve flow of the two-step interactive search experience.

Compared to using these APIs directly, you can use a SearchSession to:

  1. Automatically manage the session token lifecycle.
  2. Debounce calls to SearchSession#suggest.
  3. Abort in-flight requests with an imperative API.
new SearchSession(search: (SearchBoxCore | AddressAutofillCore), wait: number)


search((SearchBoxCore | AddressAutofillCore))The search interface to wrap.
wait(number)The time in milliseconds to wait before sending a new request to the SearchSession#suggest call.


const search = new SearchBoxCore({ accessToken: '' });
const session = new SearchSession(search);

session.addEventListener('suggest', (res) => {

session.addEventListener('retrieve', (res) => {

document.querySelector('button').addEventListener('click', (event) => {
const suggestions = session.suggestions?.suggestions;
if (!suggestions || !suggestions.length) {

const suggestion = suggestions[0];
if (session.canRetrieve(suggestion)) {
} else if (session.canSuggest(suggestion)) {
// .. go through suggest flow again ..

session.suggest('Washington D.C.');

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A SessionToken object is a unique identifier that groups together suggest / retrieve calls as part of the Mapbox Search Box API.

Session tokens are used for billing and customer-accessible analytics.

A UUIDv4 value is recommended, and is generated if an id is not provided.

Note that any method that accepts a SessionToken object as an argument or option can also accept a unique string and will perform an implicit conversion. This flexible type is documented as SessionTokenLike.


const token = new SessionToken();
console.log(; // = I am a UUIDv4 value!

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A SessionToken object or string representing a Mapbox Search Box API session token.

It's recommended this value is a UUIDv4 value.

(SessionToken | string)


const v1 = new SessionToken();
const v2 = new SessionToken('f06e7531-6373-4d5a-8614-b6f313488050');
const v3 = 'f06e7531-6373-4d5a-8614-b6f313488050';
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Evented mixes methods into other classes for event capabilities.

If you are an end-user, you will most likely use these methods through classes like SearchSession.

For lists of events you can listen for, see API documentation for specific classes.

new Evented()

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