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Offline maps

Applications built with the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android or iOS can download and store selected regions for use when there is a loss of connectivity. The maps they download will be fully functional and include the styles, tiles, and other resources you specify.

Offline maps are useful for apps whose users expect to travel through areas with limited data connectivity or who want to save on mobile roaming charges while traveling abroad.

The cumulative amount of unique maps tile packs used in the offline regions cannot be greater than 750. The SDKs will not do tile region loading if it would lead to exceeding the tile pack limit. Resources downloaded for offline use are included in the regular monthly active user (MAU) billing.


Before your application can download maps for use offline, the Mapbox Maps SDKs for iOS and Android need:

  • A geographic bounding box or a geographic region.
  • A zoom level range.
  • A style URL (for example mapbox://styles/mapbox/light-v11).

If the application provides each of the above requirements, the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS or Android can request all the required resources from Mapbox's servers and will store them in a database on the device. Downloaded resources include:

Full Documentation

See the documentation for your mobile platform to learn how to download, cache, and work with offline map styles and data.

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