A style is a JSON document that defines the visual appearance of a map. A style must adhere to the Mapbox Style Specification. A style will include information about data sources, style layers, sprites, glyphs, metadata, and more, as shown in this example style:

  "version": 8,
  "name": "Meteorites",
  "metadata": {
    "mapbox:origin": "basic-template-v1",
    "mapbox:autocomposite": true,
    "mapbox:type": "template",
    "mapbox:sdk-support": {
      "js": "0.45.0",
      "android": "6.0.0",
      "ios": "4.0.0"
  "center": [
  "zoom": 0.6851443156248076,
  "bearing": 0,
  "pitch": 0,
  "sources": {
    "composite": {
      "url": "mapbox://mapbox.mapbox-streets-v8,examples.0fr72zt8",
      "type": "vector"
  "sprite": "mapbox://sprites/examples/cjikt35x83t1z2rnxpdmjs7y7",
  "glyphs": "mapbox://fonts/{username}/{fontstack}/{range}.pbf",
  "layers": [
      "id": "background",
      "type": "background",
      "layout": {},
      "paint": {
        "background-color": [ ]
    { ... }
  "created": "2015-10-30T22:18:31.111Z",
  "id": "cjikt35x83t1z2rnxpdmjs7y7",
  "modified": "2015-10-30T22:22:06.077Z",
  "owner": "examples",
  "visibility": "public",
  "draft": false

You can create a style with the Mapbox Studio style editor. You you can also write a style document independently and upload it to your account using the Mapbox Styles API. If you write your own style document, you can make sure that it conforms to the Mapbox Style Specification using the Mapbox style utilities NPM package

You can also retrieve a style directly using the Mapbox Styles API.

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