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style URL

A style URL allows you to reference a style created with Mapbox Studio.

A complete style URL, like mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v12, is comprised of three components:

You can find the style URL on your Styles page in Mapbox Studio. Click on the menu next to a style to reveal its style URL. Click the icon to copy the style URL.

For each custom style you create in Mapbox Studio, there is a draft and a production style URL available. If you are using the draft version of your style, /draft will also be appended to the end of the style URL.

Using style URLs with Mapbox.js and Leaflet

Style URLs do not work with Mapbox.js or Leaflet directly. When using Mapbox.js, you can use a style URL to add a style layer, as in this example:

const map = L.mapbox
  .setView([40, -74.5], 9)

These libraries use the Static Tiles API to render raster tiles from Mapbox Studio styles with L.mapbox.styleLayer and L.tileLayer.

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