style URL

Any time you create a style with Mapbox Studio it generates a style URL. The style URL allows you to reference that specific style with the Mapbox GL JS API or native SDKs.

A complete style URL, for example mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v11, is comprised of three components:

  • mapbox://styles: points to the Mapbox Styles API
  • /mapbox: your Mapbox username
  • /streets-v11: your style's unique ID

For each custom style you create in Mapbox Studio, there is a draft and a production style URL available. If you are using the draft version of your style, /draft will also be appended to the end of the style URL.

You can find the style URL on your Styles page in Mapbox Studio. Click on the menu next to a style to reveal its style URL. Click the icon to copy the style URL.


Looking for Classic styles or Mapbox Editor map IDs? See our documentation on tileset IDs.

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