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Maps SDK for Android

Current version: v10.13.0View changelog

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The Mapbox Maps SDK for Android is a library for embedding highly customized maps within Android applications.

Use custom map styles. Start with one of our Mapbox-designed styles that are optimized for various use cases or design your own custom style in Mapbox Studio. Enhance the experience with 3D terrain. You can even alter your map's style at runtime.

Add your own custom data to the map. Whether you're adding markers to a map to include a store locator right in your app or creating compelling data visualizations, the Maps SDK gives you control over how you display data on your map. You can style map features at runtime based on data properties, user interaction, or device settings.


The Mapbox Maps SDK for Android is compatible with applications that:

  • Are built using the Android SDK 21 or higher.
  • Use Java 8 for sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility, as shown in the installation guide.

Java compatibility

The Mapbox Maps SDK for Android is built with Kotlin, the official language recommended by Google for Android development. Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java.

Applications with a Java codebase can interact properly with the public APIs exposed by Mapbox SDKs for Android. If you experience any issues using the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android with Java, contact us.

Use with other Mapbox tools

Use the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android with other Mapbox products. Mix and match other tools and plugins to create a location-savvy application to your exact specifications.

Static maps

The Mapbox Maps SDK for Android includes methods to generate a static snapshot of an existing map within your application. Use the MapSnapshotter class to create a static raster image of a map, without having to make a request to another API.

The Java SDK is also available for applications that need direct access to the Mapbox Static Images API.

Mapbox Studio

The Mapbox Maps SDK is compatible with Mapbox Studio. Design a map that seamlessly matches your brand and application design, then infuse it with your own custom data all within the Mapbox Studio web interface.



You must include the Mapbox wordmark on any map that uses the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android. You must display attribution on maps unless the map's data comes entirely from non-Mapbox sources.

You may adjust the position of the Mapbox wordmark and attribution notice, but they must stay visible on the map. You may also change the background and text color of the attribution notice to match your design aesthetics, but all information must be legible.

You may not otherwise alter the Mapbox wordmark or text attribution notice.

Attribution guidelines

Learn more about what kinds of attribution Mapbox requires and why.


Telemetry opt out

Mapbox Telemetry is a powerful location analytics platform included in this SDK. By default, the SDK sends de-identified location and usage data to Mapbox whenever the host app causes it to be gathered. The Mapbox Terms of Service require your app to provide users with a way to individually opt out of Mapbox Telemetry, which is provided automatically as part of the attribution control. If you hide the attribution control, you must provide an alternative opt out for your users to use.

Older versions of the SDK

Maps SDK

Looking for an older version of the Maps SDK? See the Maps SDK v9 documentation.

Mapbox Android Plugins

Most of the functionality covered in the Mapbox Android Plugins documentation is now integrated into the Maps SDK v10 and higher directly. There is no need to install plugins separately. If you are using an older version of the Maps SDK, you can access information about plugins in the Android Plugins documentation.