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tileset ID

Tileset ID or map ID?

Tileset IDs were previously known as map IDs, a convention that originated from past versions of Mapbox in which map styles and map tiles were a unified concept (for instance, in a Mapbox Studio Classic style). In more recent versions of Mapbox, this ID instead refers to the ID of a specific tileset.

A tileset ID is a unique identifier given to every tileset that is uploaded to Mapbox.

A tileset ID always starts with your Mapbox username, followed by the tileset's unique alphanumeric identifier: username.identifier. To find the tileset ID for a specific tileset, go to your Tilesets page. Click the options menu (the options icon) to the right of a tileset's name to find its tileset ID. Tileset IDs cannot be changed once a tileset is created.

Styles made in the Mapbox Studio style editor and datasets uploaded to Mapbox Studio or created through the Mapbox Studio dataset editor do not have tileset IDs. Rather, they are identified with style URLs and dataset IDs.

Use a tileset ID to request tilesets directly

You can request tilesets directly using the tileset ID in a request to the Mapbox Vector Tiles API (for vector tiles) or the Raster Tiles API (for raster tiles). In this example, the tileset ID mapbox.mapbox-streets-v8 is used in a Vector Tiles API request:

Tileset IDs in Mapbox Editor and Mapbox Studio Classic projects

Tileset IDs are also used to identify projects created with Mapbox Editor and styles created with Mapbox Studio Classic. Both Mapbox Editor and Mapbox Studio Classic have been deprecated. Mapbox Studio is the modern alternative to Mapbox Editor and Studio Classic.

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