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Raster Tiles API

The Mapbox Raster Tiles API serves raster tiles. Each API request results in a single tile from a raster tileset like Mapbox Satellite or another Mapbox-hosted raster tileset. Raster Tiles API requests are typically made as a series of requests used to make slippy maps.

A sample Raster Tiles API request looks like:

The Raster Tiles API has optional parameters that can be used to refine the results of a request.

Raster Tiles API requests and map loads

Web maps using classic styles and raster tilesets are billed by Raster Tiles API requests. This includes web maps built with Mapbox.js, Leaflet, and a variety of other third-party applications. Mapbox GL JS web maps using a Mapbox GL JS version before v1.0.0 and one or more raster source will also be billed by Raster Tiles API requests.

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