A MapMatchingResponse object is a structure that corresponds to a map matching response returned by the Mapbox Map Matching API.

  • The raw HTTP response from the Map Matching API.

  • An array of Match objects.

  • An array of Tracepoint objects that represent the location an input point was matched with, in the order in which they were matched. This property will be nil if a trace point is omitted by the Map Matching API because it is an outlier.

  • The criteria for the map matching response.

  • The credentials used to make the request.

  • The time when this MapMatchingResponse object was created, which is immediately upon recieving the raw URL response.

    If you manually start fetching a task returned by Directions.url(forCalculating:), this property is set to nil; use the URLSessionTaskTransactionMetrics.responseEndDate property instead. This property may also be set to nil if you create this result from a JSON object or encoded object.

    This property does not persist after encoding and decoding.