A RouteShapeResolution indicates the level of detail in a route’s shape, or whether the shape is present at all.

  • The route’s shape is omitted.

    Specify this resolution if you do not intend to show the route line to the user or analyze the route line in any way.

  • low

    The route’s shape is simplified.

    This resolution considerably reduces the size of the response. The resulting shape is suitable for display at a low zoom level, but it lacks the detail necessary for focusing on individual segments of the route.

  • The route’s shape is as detailed as possible.

    The resulting shape is equivalent to concatenating the shapes of all the route’s consitituent steps. You can focus on individual segments of this route while faithfully representing the path of the route. If you only intend to show a route overview and do not need to analyze the route line in any way, consider specifying low instead to considerably reduce the size of the response.