Options for calculating contours from the Mapbox Isochrone service.

  • Contours GeoJSON format.

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  • A string specifying the primary mode of transportation for the contours.

    The default value of this property is ProfileIdentifier.automobile, which specifies driving directions.

  • A coordinate around which to center the isochrone lines.

  • Contours bounds and color sheme definition.

  • Specifies the format of output contours.

    Defaults to .lineString which represents contours as linestrings.

  • Removes contours which are denoisingFactor times smaller than the biggest one.

    The default is 1.0. A value of 1.0 will only return the largest contour for a given value. A value of 0.5 drops any contours that are less than half the area of the largest contour in the set of contours for that same value.

  • Douglas-Peucker simplification tolerance.

    Higher means simpler geometries and faster performance. There is no upper bound. If no value is specified in the request, the Isochrone API will choose the most optimized value to use for the request.


    Simplification of contours can lead to self-intersections, as well as intersections of adjacent contours.