A class that can contain foreign members in arbitrary keys.

When subclassing ForeignMemberContainerClass type, you should call decodeForeignMembers(notKeyedBy:with:) during your Decodable.init(from:) initializer if your subclass has added any new properties.

Structures should conform to the ForeignMemberContainer protocol instead of this protocol.

  • Foreign members to round-trip to JSON.

    Foreign members are unrecognized properties, similar to foreign members in GeoJSON. This library does not officially support any property that is documented as a “beta” property in the Mapbox Directions API response format, but you can get and set it as an element of this JSONObject.

  • Decodes any foreign members using the given decoder.

    Default Implementation

  • encodeForeignMembers(to:) Default implementation

    Encodes any foreign members using the given encoder.

    This method should be called in your Encodable.encode(to:) implementation only in the base class. Otherwise it will not encode foreignMembers or way overwrite it.

    Default Implementation