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Video: Add a route line with bézier curves

Use a bézier curve drawing tool to add smooth parametric bézier curves to a map.

Getting started

Draw your line

  • 0:39 - With the pen, begin drawing your route line.
  • 1:07 - Use the edit tool to edit anchor points on your route line.
  • 1:38 - Export your line in GeoJSON format.
  • 1:49 - Open Studio and create a new style.

Import your line

  • 2:05 - Add a new layer to your map style.
  • 2:10 - Upload your GeoJSON file to create a new tileset.
  • 2:30 - Select the tileset as the source for your new layer.

Style your line

  • 2:38 - Style the new line layer.