Video: Add bilingual labels to a map with expressions in Studio

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Learn how to use expressions for string and data operations in Mapbox Studio. In this example, we use expressions to add bilingual labels to a map. The same approach can be used to define logical, mathematical, or camera operations, formulaically, using expressions.

Set the default language

  • 0:13 - Go to Studio and create or open a map style.
  • 0:34 - Open the Place labels component and set the default language for all place labels.

Add a second language

  • 0:50 - Click a label on your map to access the layer options.
  • 0:57 - Note the existing expression in Text field.
  • 1:12 - Edit the expression to add a second language label.
  • 1:53 - Use the JSON editor to copy the full JSON expression to other layers.

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