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Video: Add 3D buildings and data-driven styling with Studio

Turn on 3D buildings using style components in Mapbox Studio, then apply fill colors based on building heights.

Getting started

  • 0:00 - Log into Studio and open a new map style.
  • 0:20 - Zoom in to see building shapes on the map.

Turn on 3D buildings

  • 0:24 - Toggle the 3D buildings to On in the Buildings component.
  • 0:37 - Change your pitch to view 3D buildings from a different angle.

Apply data-driven styling

  • 1:00 - Open the building-extrusion layer.
  • 1:30 - Override the component styling.
  • 1:40 - Click Style across data range and select the height data field.
  • 1:57 - Add multiple stops with different colors for each.
  • 3:08 - Reduce layer opacity to make buildings less transparent.
  • 3:20 - Add a "catch all" stop with a default color value.
  • 4:44 - Choose step or linear for Rate of change.