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The CSV (comma-separated values) format is common for table data, like the kind you would use in Excel or other spreadsheet programs. CSV files are not mappable unless they contain geographic information including latitude and longitude. You can upload CSVs to Mapbox using Mapbox Studio or the Uploads API.

When you upload CSV files, follow these guidelines:

  • CSV files must contain coordinates (latitude and longitude) to be uploaded to Mapbox Studio.
  • The order of the columns that contain latitude and longitude values does not matter, as long as the values contained in the columns are correctly formatted coordinates and have valid column headers.
  • CSV files are for point data only.
  • CSV files must be in UTF-8 encoding.
  • Data imported via CSV will be encoded as a string type in the Mapbox Studio dataset editor. If you want to code any of your imported data as numbers, you can edit the fields individually in the dataset editor or upload your data in GeoJSON format.

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