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Navigation SDK for Android v1

Current version: v1.6.2

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    Flexible modularization
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    Free-drive mode
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    Accurate positioning
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    Scaled pricing with no commitments
A newer version of the Navigation SDK is available
This page uses v1.6.2 of the Mapbox Navigation SDK. A newer version of the SDK is available. Learn about the latest version, v3.1.0-rc.1, in the Navigation SDK documentation.

The Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android allows you to build a complete navigation experience with the power of the Mapbox Directions API. The Navigation SDK provides a collection of features that are critical when building navigation projects, including:

  • Navigation routes
  • Accurate device location updates
  • Voice instruction announcements
  • Real-time user progress to their destination
  • Off-route detection
  • Dynamic camera adjustments during turn-by-turn navigation
  • Pre-built UI components to show changing navigational information

Available SDKs

The Mapbox Navigation SDK is comprised of two SDKs that can be used to integrate navigation into your Android project:

  • The core Navigation SDK. This is where core logic lives for generating routes, tracking route progress, delivering turn-by-turn instructions, and other actions related to Directions API information. The Navigation SDK can be combined with the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android.
  • The Navigation UI SDK. Built on top of the Navigation SDK, the Navigation UI SDK consumes data from the Navigation SDK and arranges it in default UI components that have various customizable options.

The Navigation SDK and the Navigation UI SDK can be used together if you want to use a mixture of the Mapbox-provided UI components and your own custom UI fed data from the Navigation SDK.