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Navigation SDK

Current version: v3.2.0-beta.1View changelog

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    Raw location signal enhancement
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    Routing and rerouting, both online and offline
  • check
    Traffic, incidents, and closures avoidance
  • check
    Alternative routes generation, also continuously during the drive
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    Route line rendering
  • check
    Navigation camera controls
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    Voice instructions playback
Mapbox Navigation SDK v3 is Generally Available
Mapbox Navigation SDK v3 is now Generally Available. If you would like to keep building with the previous version of Navigation SDK v2, documentation is available on the dedicated page.

The Navigation SDK is an all-in-one solution for building a navigation experience in your car or in your mobile application. This page will walk you through the options and provide guidance on how to get started.

Features and abilities

The Mapbox live data platform incorporates the sensor readings of over 700 million monthly active devices, 20 billion real time probe data points per day, and map data aggregated from over 2,000 sources. All navigation applications built with Mapbox include a way for drivers to report updates on road conditions or changes in the road network with a tap. Mapbox validates and incorporates these reports back into the map on an ongoing basis, ensuring the most up-to-date data for all drivers.

The Navigation SDK provides you with the tools to create a comprehensive navigation experience. You can leverage the SDK to craft a truly personalized navigation solution.

The Navigation SDK comes with a precise Location Provider that continually filters and processes GPS signals and extrapolates a driver’s current location, even when GPS signals are unavailable, using dead reckoning algorithms, to avoid navigation interruptions resulting in more prompt and accurate directions, fewer reroutes, and more on-time deliveries and pick-ups. Navigation SDK also integrates navigation data with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), offering a rich 3D driving experience that combines real-time vehicle data with navigation.

On top of that, regardless of platform or use case that you are targeting, Navigation SDK come pre-integrated with various other Mapbox services, including:

  • Mapbox Maps SDK which uses AI to generate and render rich 3D maps that include thousands of the most recognizable landmarks around the world, helping drivers stay oriented while navigating busy urban centers.
  • Mapbox Navigation APIs which integrate new AI traffic models offering more precise estimated drive times and better routes for drivers in congested areas. AI traffic models learn from millions of comparisons of estimated drive times vs. actual drive times and adjust for regionally specific driving patterns.
  • Mapbox Search which suggests search results automatically, resulting in a faster destination input, and then ensures that the address you’re routed to is somewhere you can reach thanks to routable points. Places like restaurants, cafés, shops, sights, and parks include photos, ratings, opening hours and a short description to provide a preview of the place, and then tap to navigate.
  • MapGPT, a unified AI-powered voice assistant that makes conversations about location natural and actionable. Unlike other voice assistants available today, MapGPT conversations are natural and integrate tightly into the vehicle, allowing drivers to effortlessly control their vehicle's navigation, entertainment, autopilot, and climate control systems, in addition to accessing capabilities from apps like OpenTable and TripAdvisor.
  • Mapbox for EV, the EV route planning system. It integrates with vehicle battery systems to track personalized energy consumption patterns, intelligently forecasting range, suggesting charging stations based on real-time availability, and facilitating secure payment processing. Range anxiety dissipates as drivers gain trust in their vehicle's reliable access to fuel while ensuring safe and comfortable travel.


The Navigation SDK for Android is compatible with applications that:

  • Are built using Kotlin 1.6.0 or higher.
  • Are built using the Android SDK 21 or higher.
  • Are built using the NDK 23. Other major versions of the NDK are not guaranteed to be compatible.
  • Use Java 8 for sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility, as shown in the installation guide.

Java compatibility

The Navigation SDK for Android is built with Kotlin, the official language recommended by Google for Android development. Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java.

Despite the fact that Kotlin applications is Navigation SDK's primary target, applications with a Java codebase can interact properly with the public APIs exposed by Mapbox SDKs for Android. If you experience any issues using the Navigation SDK for Android with Java, contact us.



If you use a Mapbox map in your application, you are required to provide attribution according to the Mapbox Maps SDK documentation.


The Mapbox Navigation SDK is distributed under Mapbox's Terms of Service.


Read more about pricing for the Navigation SDK in the pricing guide.

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