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Search SDK for Android

Current version: v1.0.0-rc.2View changelog

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    Add pre-built UI components to your app
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    Search for places by name, category, or coordinate
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    Search for addresses offline

The Mapbox Search SDK for Android gives you the tools you need to add a search experience to your application. The Search SDK consists of various components that can be used standalone or combined together so you can build something truly custom. It takes only a few minutes to drop a pre-built user interface into your application. Let's learn about the components more!

Address Autofill

Suppose you need a user to enter a valid home or delivery address. They typically need to do this during the registration or checkout process, where making the entry process as smooth as possible can help you prevent churn. This is where the Address Autofill SDK will help you to enable users to fill in the address form by entering only a few characters is the most beneficial.


The Discover SDK for Android gives you the tools you need to add POI (Points of Interest) search to your application. Whether your users need to search for cafes nearby, parking in another city, or Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations along their route, the Discover SDK will help you to provide this functionality (and more) with just a few lines of code.

Place Autocomplete

The Place Autocomplete SDK returns place suggestions in response to user search queries, such as addresses, businesses and POIs. The Place Autocomplete will help you to implement such functionality in a few lines of code.

Search Engine and Offline Search Engine

None of the SDKs we discussed before covers your needs? Use generic Search Engine that allows you to build something custom. Similarly, you can use Offline Search Engine to add offline search experience to your applications.

Search UI SDK

The Search UI SDK is built on top of the core SDKs that we discussed before and provides ready-made search UI elements that you can use to add a search experience to your app. You can adjust the style of various elements of the pre-configured UI and customize results.

Why use SDK?

If your primary use case is targeted to mobile devices (iOS & Android), we strongly encourage you to use our Search SDK. With Search SDK, you get:

Stable SDK API

By defining our use cases, we aim to support the same interface for longer even if the underlying implementation changes. This means bumping the SDK version fixes all issues you might encounter without requiring you to rework the app or its integration code.

Fewer lines of code

Developers can get up and running with a few lines of straightforward code to start the SDK. See for yourself, it’s readable, maintainable, and error-proof.

Protecting against errors and pitfalls

Having a ready-made integration example enables you to experiment faster and avoid common pitfalls of using API in a non-preferred way.

Drop-in UI support

Have no need for custom UI and ready to get started? We have you covered with an easy-to-blend UI that doesn’t require extensive binding to current components and navigation flow.


The Mapbox Search SDK for Android works with:

  • Android 5.0+ (API 21)
  • Architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • Kotlin 1.5 or newer


Depending on the SDK component usage might be measured in either Temporary Geocoding API, Mapbox Search API or Address Autofill requests. See our pricing page for more details.