@interface MGLMultiPolyline : MGLShape <MGLOverlay>

An MGLMultiPolyline object represents a shape consisting of one or more polylines. For example, you could use a multipolyline shape to represent both sides of a divided highway (dual carriageway), excluding the median (central reservation): each carriageway would be a distinct MGLPolyline object.

You can add multipolyline shapes to the map by adding them to an MGLShapeSource object. Configure the appearance of an MGLShapeSource’s or MGLVectorTileSource’s multipolylines collectively using an MGLLineStyleLayer or MGLSymbolStyleLayer object.

You cannot add an MGLMultiPolyline object directly to a map view using -[MGLMapView addAnnotation:] or -[MGLMapView addOverlay:]. However, you can add the polylines array’s items as overlays individually.

A multipolyline is known as a MultiLineString geometry in GeoJSON.