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How can I transfer ownership of my account?

Transferring ownership of a Mapbox account involves several steps:

  1. Ownership Management: Share the account credentials with the new owner. This will allow them to change the email and change the password to assume full ownership of the account. It's recommended to use an email address that multiple people have access to and to save the new password in a shared password manager, like 1Password.
  2. Account Credentials: Encourage the outgoing owner to change the registered email address to a valid, shared email. This will allow stakeholders to log in to the account to change the password as well as receive invoices, notifications, and password reset emails.
  3. Authentication Methods: Consider enabling SAML Single-sign on as the primary authentication method if your organization uses an identity provider that supports the SAML2.0 protocol. With SSO, your users can also be assigned user roles with specific permissions for each role. With SSO enabled, your team will not need to share a password for the account.
  4. Password Management: Store the Mapbox account credentials in a shared-secure location, like a 1Password vault and/or Okta. This will help keep your password safe and available when you or your teammates need it. Even if your account has SAML SSO enabled, there will be a password associated with the account. Save this password in a secure location with limited access.

Note that it is not possible to change an account's ID (username). If you need to change the username, you can create a new account, transfer your map styles and update your web and mobile applications to reference the new account's tokens and styles. Once this transition is complete, you can delete the original account without breaking any links to your maps.

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