Transfer styles between accounts

There are two approaches to transferring styles between accounts. The first approach is a true transfer of a Mapbox style from one account to another. The second approach involves referencing a public style from another Mapbox account within your own application.

Approach 1: Download and re-upload a style

Transferring styles between accounts allows you to own a style and make changes to it from a single Mapbox account.

You can transfer Mapbox assets between accounts if you have access to the account you're transferring from or if you're given the necessary files. How you transfer styles from one account to another depends on whether you are using Mapbox Studio or Mapbox Studio Classic, as well as the data that's included with your style.

Styles made with Mapbox Studio

Styles made with Mapbox Studio may be downloaded in JSON format and re-uploaded as a new style. To download a style, open the style in the Mapbox Studio style editor, click the Share button, and click the link next to the Download option. You can download draft or production versions of your styles.

You can then upload the JSON file to another Mapbox account:

  1. Unzip the folder you downloaded.
  2. Log into the second account.
  3. Click the Upload style link next to the New style button.
  4. Select the style.json file inside the unzipped folder and upload.

If you added any custom icons or fonts to your style, you'll need to add them back manually. Open your newly uploaded style in Mapbox Studio, then:

  1. To add fonts, click Fonts and then Upload new font. Drag and drop the contents of the fonts folder from your downloaded style into the appropriate area.
  1. To add icons (images), click Images and then Upload SVG Image. Drag and drop the contents of the icons folder from your downloaded style into the appropriate area.

Projects made with Mapbox Studio Classic

Note that Mapbox Studio Classic has been deprecated. When possible, consider moving your styles to Mapbox Studio instead.

Mapbox Studio Classic styles (CartoCSS in .tm2 files) are converted to code on Mapbox servers, so it's assumed you already have the styles on your local machine. You can re-upload these to your new account if they reference sources available as a tileset in your account. GeoJSON or KML can be downloaded and re-uploaded to your new account as a tileset and imported to a new Mapbox Studio or Mapbox Studio Classic project.

Approach 2: Reference a public style

By referencing public styles, you can use Mapbox styles created on other Mapbox accounts in your own application. This approach can be particularly useful if your organization has multiple Mapbox accounts each with their own custom styles, fonts, and sprites.

In this scenario, you have a style from Account A and you’d like Account B to use that style in an application.

By default, Mapbox styles are Private. Navigate to your Styles page and open the menu for the style you want to share. Select Make public.

Once you set the style to Public, you can reference the style within any application by copying the Style URL within the Styles page.

Special note: A Public URL can be referenced by any application using any access token.

Here’s a quick example of how this might look using our Mapbox GL JS library:

mapboxgl.accessToken = '<ACCESS TOKEN FROM ACCOUNT B>';
var map = new mapboxgl.Map({
  container: 'map', // container id
  style: '<PUBLIC STYLE URL FROM ACCOUNT A>', // stylesheet location
  center: [-74.50, 40], // starting position [lng, lat]
  zoom: 9 // starting zoom
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