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How can I regain access to my account?

Mapbox serves as critical infrastructure for our customers and we work hard to protect the security of your accounts and data. Maintaining access to an account starts by setting up or updating your account with the recommendations listed in our best practices guide for collaboration. If you are unable to login to your account, or unsure how to begin the steps for regaining account access, this guide outlines common account lockout scenarios and step-by-step instructions for confirming ownership of an account, regaining access, and updating the credentials. For general information about Mapbox accounts, see our Account documentation.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties after working through this guide, contact support.

Verifying ownership of an account

If you are unable to regain access to an account on your own and require help from our team, you will need to begin an account ownership security review.

To verify ownership of a personal account, there must be a credit card on file in the account's billing settings. To verify ownership of an account that belongs to your team, contact your Account Manager, Technical Account Manager, or our support team to get started. In your request, include as many of these details as possible:

  • Mapbox account ID (username)
  • Registered email address
  • Invoice ID or invoice number
  • Access token, Style URL, or Tileset ID
  • Last 4 digits of a CC on file
  • Full URL of an API request
  • Link to a live map

We try to respond to all account ownership verification and lockout troubleshooting requests within 2 business days of submission.

If you know an account's registered email address and have access to the inbox for that email address, you can reset the password and login to the account with the new password + the registered email address. If you would like to update the account's registered email address, you can do so from the Profile page once logged into the account.

I’m not receiving the password reset email

If you are entering the account's registered email address into the password reset form but not receiving an email, check your spam folder to make sure our email hasn't been routed there. Not seeing it there, either? Sometimes password reset emails are undeliverable - maybe emails from Mapbox to the email address have bounced in the past or there have been other problems preventing the email from being delivered (especially for inactive email addresses). If you are not receiving the password reset email, let us know by submitting the support form.

I know the password, but I cannot authenticate with two-factor authentication (2FA)

If you are inheriting an account and know the account's password or have reset the account's password successfully, but do not have 2FA codes or recovery codes, you will need to verify ownership of the account with our team. If ownership of the account can be verified, our team can remove 2FA from the account so you can login with the password. Contact your Account Manager, Technical Account Manager, or our support team to get started.

I lost my two-factor authentication (2FA) backup codes

  • How to regain access: If you enabled 2FA on your own account but no longer have access to the device used for 2FA or the recovery codes, our team will need to verify that you’re the owner of the account. This verification requires having a payment method on file. You can contact support to begin the verification process. If your account doesn’t have a payment method on file and we’re unable to verify ownership, consider creating a new account.
  • Prevention: When you enable 2FA, a single-use recovery code is generated. Write down this code and keep it in a safe place, like a password manager.

I don’t know the username or password for our Mapbox account

If you've inherited a project that uses Mapbox location services, but you don't have access to the login credentials, the information below will help you work with support team to confirm ownership of the account.

  • How to regain access: Verify ownership of your account by contacting support.
  • Prevention: Save the username & password for your Mapbox account in a shared vault like a 1Password vault and/or Okta and use an email address that is accessible for all your stakeholders.

My colleague left the company with their email address still registered on our account

  • How to regain access: If a former colleague's email address is tied to your company's Mapbox account, try contacting your IT department requesting the email address be reactivated or forwarded automatically to an email of your choosing. Once you have access to that email address or forwarding rules are in place, you can reset your password to regain access to that account. Once you’ve regained access to your account, you can change the email to any of your choosing.

If you need our Security team to change the registered email on your account, we’ll need to verify that you are the owner of the account first. Send us a note and we will be happy to look into it for you. We try and respond to all account verification and lockout troubleshooting requests within 1-2 business days of submission.

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