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Accounts and pricing

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    Create and manage access tokens
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    View usage statistics
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    Manage invoices and billing methods
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    Update account profile and security settings

Learn how to navigate your Mapbox accounts page, understand how usage is measured, and how billing works.

Account page

Your Account page contains all the information and preferences related to your Mapbox account. It's also where you:

  • Create and manage your access tokens, which enable you to use Mapbox tools, including our mobile SDKs and APIs. Read more in Token management.
  • View statistics and gain insights into how your applications are being used by tracking the number of mobile users, API requests, and map loads associated with the applications using your access tokens. Read more in Statistics and usage.
  • View, print, and add additional information (for example, your address) to your Pay-as-you-go invoices. Read more in Invoices and billing.
  • Manage general account settings including profile information (like your organization name, email address, and avatar), your password, two-factor authentication, payment information for your account, and more. Read more in Settings and account management.

Pricing by product

Read more about how your unique workflows and applications translate to usage and invoice line items in the Pricing by product section.

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