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Mapbox Boundaries

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    Millions of curated boundaries using the latest data sources
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    Highly optimized geometries for fast performance using Mapbox GL
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    Worldviews support for cutomized rendering of disputed areas
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    Extensive metadata, including reference codes and name translations

Mapbox Boundaries is a comprehensive dataset of global boundary features, expertly curated across every country to support data visualization and geospatial analysis needs at scale. Explore the data coverage using the Mapbox Boundaries Explorer.

With Boundaries, you can connect your own tabular data with a managed set of geographical features representing various types of boundaries, such as administrative divisions or postal code areas. Polygons in Mapbox Boundaries are edge matched for seamless global coverage, so you can create exact data visualizations and accurate analysis.

You can use Mapbox Boundaries data to support use cases from business intelligence analysis and data journalism to customized territory planning and logistics management. For example, you can:

  • Visualize county-level data like the unemployment rates in the United States
  • Create interactive maps that showcase data like the top streaming songs per country
  • Enables users to search for business locations by state or zip code
  • Merge multiple polygons to form custom areas likes sales territories

Our product page shows more examples of how other Mapbox customers are using Boundaries.

Geocoding from Snowflake
Snowflake users can do batch geocoding operations on data stored in their data warehouse. The Mapbox Snowflake Native App is available in the Snowflake Marketplace.

Boundaries access

Access to the Mapbox Boundaries tilesets is controlled by your Mapbox account access token. If you do not have access on your account, contact Mapbox sales to request access to Boundaries tilesets.

For more information on access and licensing, refer to the Boundaries FAQ.

For free access, try the country-level Mapbox Boundaries that are available to all Mapbox users. For more details, see Mapbox Countries v1 reference.

Product format

There are two product components to Mapbox Boundaries:

Boundaries tilesets (Geometry)

The boundary geometries are packaged in Mapbox vector tilesets containing high resolution boundary features for all map scales. Each feature has a unique id and minimal set of feature properties to keep them small and performant. Raw geometries are not provided for offline use.

Boundaries lookup tables (Metadata)

The metadata for every tileset feature such as local names, name translations, hierarchy information and codes are provided as offline CSV lookup tables. These can be manipulated by the user application as needed and joined to the tilesets at runtime.

Boundaries GeoJSON files (Geometry + Metadata)

With a license to flat file GeoJSON data, raw boundaries geometry and metadata is available as compressed .geojsonl files containing the highest resolution of boundaries features. This data can be used for custom analysis, ETL pipelines and offline applications. The GeoJSON files contain the same metadata used in the lookup tables. Geometry is stored as WGS84 (EPSG:4326) coordinate reference system.

For detailed product specification, see the Mapbox Boundaries Reference.

Data coverage

The Mapbox Boundaries data organizes global coverage into five layer types and multiple levels of hierarchy. Multiple worldviews are provided for representing boundaries per local context.

Data sources

Data in the Mapbox Boundaries tilesets is based on information obtained from officially recognized local or international entities whenever possible. For more information, see Data sources for Mapbox Boundaries.


When you publicly use styles or software that use Mapbox Boundaries tiles, you must display proper attribution.

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