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User interface

The Navigation SDK provides several pre-built UI components that you can use to build a complete user interface for a turn-by-turn navigation application. Drop components into your application using their default configuration or customize the components' behavior and appearance to create a completely unique experience for your users.

Available UI components

Read more about the available UI components for turn-by-turn navigation applications:

  • Get started: First steps to integrate Android Auto into you app. Read the Get started guide.
  • UI Components: Explore the UI components used by Drop-In UI. Read the UI Components guide.
  • Maps: Use the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android with the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android to display a map in your application and enhance the navigation experience. Read the Maps guide.
  • Location permissions: Describes the default experience for accepting location permissions. Read the Location permissions guide.
  • Navigation State: Learn how Drop-In UI makes use of different navigation state to define the UI behavior. Read the Navigation State guide.
  • Route line: Render route lines on a map using the Mapbox Navigation SDK's route line API. Include alternative routes and customize the style of the route line. Read the Route line guide.
  • Navigation camera: Learn how to use Navigation SDK to frame the current user location puck and the route on the Mapbox map. Read the Navigation camera guide.
  • Free drive: Describes the free drive screen. Read the Free drive guide.
  • Integrate Drop-In UI: Learn how to integrate NavigationView with your application. Read the Integrate Drop-In UI guide.
  • Route arrow: Display an arrow on a map that illustrates the next maneuver as a user navigates along a route using the Navigation SDK for Android's maneuver arrow API. Read the Route arrow guide.
  • Search destination: Describes how to find a destination using the head unit. Read the Search destination guide.
  • Customize Drop-In UI: Learn how to customize the styles and UI components used by NavigationView. Read the Customize Drop-In UI guide.
  • Maneuver instructions: Provide text instructions about what action a driver needs to take to get from one step to the next along a route using the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android. Read the Maneuver instructions guide.
  • Route preview: Describes the default route preview experience. Read the Route preview guide.
  • Active guidance: Describes the active guidance screen. Read the Active guidance guide.
  • Signboards: Enhance the navigation experience with Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android's signboards, which provides textual and graphical data in a format that aligns with what users see on street signs in reality. Read the Signboards guide.
  • Junctions: Enhance the navigation experience when maneuvering through a particularly complex part of the road network using the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android's junction views. Read the Junctions guide.
  • Speed limit: Learn how to use the Navigation SDK for Android's speed limit UI component. Read the Speed limit guide.
  • Trip progress: Display data related to trip progress including the estimated time to arrival and the distance remaining using the Mapbox Navigation SDK's trip progress API. Read the Trip progress guide.
  • Arrival detection: Visualize waypoints and destinations by creating arrival detection experiences in the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android. Read the Arrival detection guide.
  • Building highlights: Extrude and highlight a building upon reaching a waypoint or final destination in the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android. Read the Building highlights guide.
  • Device notifications: Mapbox documentation about how notifications work in the Mapbox Navigation SDK for Android. Read the Device notifications guide.
  • Status: Learn how to use the Navigation SDK status UI component to show quick status messages. Read the Status guide.
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