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Navigation SDK v3

  • check
    Raw location signal enhancement
  • check
    Routing and rerouting, both online and offline
  • check
    Traffic, incidents, and closures avoidance
  • check
    Alternative routes generation, also continuously during the drive
  • check
    Route line rendering
  • check
    Navigation camera controls
  • check
    Voice instructions playback
Mapbox Navigation SDK v3 is Generally Available

Mapbox Navigation SDK v3 is now Generally Available. If you would like to keep building with the previous version of Navigation SDK v2, documentation is available on the dedicated page.

The Navigation SDK for iOS allows you to build a custom navigation experience with the power of the Mapbox Directions API, Mapbox Map Matching, and Mapbox Maps.


The Navigation SDK v3 for iOS is compatible with applications that:

  • Are built using Swift 5.9 or higher.
  • Are built using Xcode 15.0 or higher.

The MapboxNavigationCore framework works on iOS 14.0 and above.