open class PassiveLocationDataSource : NSObject
extension PassiveLocationDataSource: CLLocationManagerDelegate

An object that notifies its delegate when the user’s location changes, minimizing the noise that normally accompanies location updates from a CLLocationManager object.

Unlike Router classes such as RouteController and LegacyRouteController, this class operates without a predefined route, matching the user’s location to the road network at large. You can use a passive location manager to determine a starting point for a route that you calculate using the Directions.calculate(_:completionHandler:) method. If the user happens to be moving while you calculate the route, the passive location manager makes it less likely that the route will begin with a short segment on a side road or driveway and a confusing instruction to turn onto the current road.

To find out when the user’s location changes, implement the PassiveLocationDataSourceDelegate protocol, or observe Notification.Name.passiveLocationDataSourceDidUpdate notifications for more detailed information.