open class NavigationViewController : UIViewController, NavigationStatusPresenter
extension NavigationViewController: NavigationServiceDelegate
extension NavigationViewController: StyleManagerDelegate
extension NavigationViewController: TopBannerViewControllerDelegate
extension NavigationViewController: BottomBannerViewControllerDelegate
extension NavigationViewController: CarPlayConnectionObserver

NavigationViewController is a fully-featured user interface for turn-by-turn navigation. Do not confuse it with the NavigationController class in UIKit.

You initialize a navigation view controller based on a predefined Route and NavigationOptions. As the user progresses along the route, the navigation view controller shows their surroundings and the route line on a map. Banners above and below the map display key information pertaining to the route. A list of steps and a feedback mechanism are accessible via the navigation view controller.

To be informed of significant events and decision points as the user progresses along the route, set the NavigationService.delegate property of the NavigationService that you provide when creating the navigation options.

CarPlayNavigationViewController manages the corresponding user interface on a CarPlay screen.