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Add a Mapbox style to a CARTO map

Maps styles created with the Mapbox Studio style editor can be added as basemaps to CARTO. Any of the preset basemaps or a custom style from Mapbox can be added as the primary basemap for your CARTO map.

Getting started

For this guide, you'll need a Mapbox account and a CARTO account. Log in to each, then head on to the next steps.

Open the CARTO project where you would like to add your Mapbox style. Click on the pencil icon and click on the current BASEMAP that is listed.

Under Style, click the + .

Add style created with Studio

In Mapbox Studio, click the share Share your style icon next to the style you would like to add to your CARTO project.

When the Share & develop modal opens, scroll down to the Developer resources tab. Click the Third party option, and select CARTO from the dropdown. Copy the URL by clicking the clipboard clipboard icon.

Back in CARTO, paste the Share URL you copied in the previous step into the text box, then click on ADD BASEMAP.

The Studio style you added will appear as the CARTO basemap.

Finished product

You added a style created in Mapbox Studio to a map in CARTO!

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