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routing profile

A Mapbox routing profile is a set of rules that a Mapbox routing engine uses to find the optimal route between two points. Routing profiles are generally optimized for the mode of transportation being used to get between locations.

The Mapbox Navigation service APIs have access to the following routing profiles:

mapbox/driving-trafficFor automotive routing. This profile factors in current and historic traffic conditions to avoid slowdowns. Traffic information is available for the supported geographies listed in the Traffic Data page.
mapbox/drivingFor automotive routing. This profile shows the fastest routes by preferring high-speed roads like highways.
mapbox/walkingFor pedestrian and hiking routing. This profile shows the shortest path by using sidewalks and trails.
mapbox/cyclingFor bicycle routing. This profile shows routes that are short and safer for cyclists by avoiding highways and preferring streets with bike lanes.

Note that the Isochrone API and the Optimization API do not support the mapbox/driving-traffic profile.

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