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Post-launch checklist

A short list of items to review after publishing your map.

Next steps

As you iterate on your map, here are some key resources and actions you might consider.

Update your map's data

If the underlying source data of your map changes, there are several ways for you to update your map:

  • Externally Hosted Data: If your data is hosted externally and loaded at runtime, update the external source or replace the source link if it has changed.
  • Studio Uploads: For data originally uploaded in Studio, open the style and update the layer's source with the new data.
  • Using APIs directly: If you used the Uploads API or Mapbox Tiling Service:
    • Upload a new tileset and update the tileset ID in your Studio style or client-side code.
    • Replace your existing tileset. See Uploads API and MTS for detailed instructions.

Tileset changes take around 15 minutes to reflect on your maps. Learn more about

API caching.

Before publishing your changes, inspect your map to verify that no broken references occur due to data changes.

Update your map's style

You can always update the visual look and feel of your map:

  • In Studio: Edit the style directly. Changes are saved as drafts and won't deploy to your production apps until you publish them.
  • Client-side code: For custom layers, update the paint properties. For the Mapbox Standard Style, change the basemap's configuration properties.

Style changes take around 15 minutes to reflect on your maps. Learn more about

API caching.

Update your SDK

It's vital to keep your SDK up-to-date for optimal performance and security of your web or mobile app, and to take advantage of our latest features. We release new versions of our SDKs approximately every six weeks. You can track these updates and view detailed changelogs for each platform:

Monitor your map's usage

Stay informed about your map's performance and billing:

  • Statistics: Visit your account's Statistics page for API usage data.
  • Invoices: Check your Invoice page view your upcoming and past invoices.

If you have any questions about your implementation, pricing, or other ways you can work with our platform:

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