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What is the difference between temporary and permanent geocoding?

The difference between temporary (mapbox.places endpoint) and permanent geocoding (mapbox.places-permanent endpoint) lies in the usage rights of the geocoded data.

Temporary Geocoding:

  • It allows you to display geocoding results on a map or use them in proximity searches, but you cannot store the results.
  • It is typically used in applications where the geocoding request happens on-the-fly while a user is interacting with the application.

Permanent Geocoding:

  • It allows you to store the results and use them for any purpose.
  • It is typically used for batch geocoding where you need to geocode a large number of addresses at once and store the results for later use.
  • To use Permanent Geocoding, you need to contact Mapbox sales.

For more information, you can refer to the Mapbox Geocoding API Documentation.

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