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How do I check the cost of a tileset processing job before kicking it off to avoid unexpected bills?

Tileset processing and hosting costs are directly proportional to the precision level of your tileset and the area of the tiled data in your tileset in square kilometers (km2). To estimate the area of the tileset, use the estimate-area command in the Tilesets CLI. The command will return the estimated area in km2 for the tileset and can be used with the pricing calculators to estimate the processing costs, hosting costs, or both associated with that tileset.

You can also use the mtsds --estimate command with the Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS) Data Sync tool. mtsds --estimate will measure the area of tiles that intersect your data at the zoom level Mapbox uses to calculate billing (the number of square kilometers km2 at the minimum zoom level within each pricing tier). Review the MTS Data Sync documentation for specific usage instructions.

You can find additional information about precision and tileset area on the MTS Tileset Processing Pricing page, and can find methods for managing your costs on our MTS Troubleshooting guide.

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