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How can I remove a credit card from my account?

It is not possible to remove a credit card from an account, though you are able to add or update a payment method.

Most Mapbox services include a free tier of services available to all accounts during each billing period. It's important to be aware of the limitations of our free tier services, as the number of requests, elements, users, sessions, or other units included in the free tier varies by Mapbox product.

To prevent account deactivation and to keep payments prompt, a valid card must be added to each Mapbox account. The card added to your account will be automatically charged when the Upcoming invoice is finalized based on that period of service usage.

Note that if an account does not have a credit card on file, Mapbox will not be able to verify account ownership. In this case, the only next step will be to create a new Mapbox account and add access tokens from your new account into your map implementations.

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