fun registerEHorizonObserver(eHorizonObserver: EHorizonObserver)

To start listening EHorizon updates EHorizonObserver should be registered. Observer will be called when the EHorizon changes. To save resources and be more efficient callbacks return minimum data. To get EHorizonEdge shape or EHorizonEdgeMetadata use MapboxNavigation.graphAccessor To get more data about EHorizon road object use MapboxNavigation.roadObjectsStore

Registering an EHorizonObserver activates the Electronic Horizon module.

NOTE: The Mapbox Electronic Horizon feature of the Mapbox Navigation SDK is in public beta and is subject to changes, including its pricing. Use of the feature is subject to the beta product restrictions in the Mapbox Terms of Service. Mapbox reserves the right to eliminate any free tier or free evaluation offers at any time and require customers to place an order to purchase the Mapbox Electronic Horizon feature, regardless of the level of use of the feature.

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