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Keyboard Mode

Opening Keyboard Mode

Selecting the keyboard icon on the left of the avatar will open the Keyboard Mode. This mode empowers users to use the keyboard for direct text interactions with the MapGPT assistant.

Key features:

  • Chat history access: Users have the freedom to scroll through their previous interactions, ensuring they never miss out on crucial navigation details or suggestions.
  • Point of interest suggestions: While using the MapGPT assistant, you can update your destination at any time by interacting with selectable cards that display points of interest..

Why Keyboard Mode?

There are times when using voice commands doesn't work, especially in noisy environments or when voice recognition cannot interpret the correct spelling. Additionally, when you're walking or prefer a more hands-on approach, Keyboard Mode comes in handy. The switch between voice and text is designed to be effortless, making sure your journey is always on the right track.

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