open class PassiveLocationProvider : NSObject, LocationProvider
extension PassiveLocationProvider: PassiveLocationManagerDelegate

An object that notifies a map view when the user’s location changes, minimizing the noise that normally accompanies location updates from a CLLocationManager object.

Unlike Router classes such as RouteController and LegacyRouteController, this class operates without a predefined route, matching the user’s location to the road network at large. If your application displays a MapView before starting turn-by-turn navigation, call LocationManager.overrideLocationProvider(with:) to override default location provider so that the map view always shows the location snapped to the road network. For example, use this class to show the user’s current location as they wander around town.

This class depends on PassiveLocationManager to detect the user’s location as it changes. If you want location updates but do not need to display them on a map and do not want a dependency on the MapboxNavigation module, you can use PassiveLocationManager instead of this class.