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Map Styles

You can use the Mapbox Maps SDK to control many aspects of the map design, including styling custom data, tweaking your map's styling, adding fonts, creating data-driven visualizations, and more. You can use a map style designed by Mapbox's cartographers, such as Mapbox Standard, or create a custom map style by adjusting the map's colors, icons, and fonts to match your application's UI or company's brand.

Getting started: Map styles

Learn how Mapbox styles work and get started developing your map.


There are two approaches to customizing the look of the map:

  • Update map features dynamically at runtime using the Maps SDK. Lighten or darken the map based on the time of day, personalize icons and map colors based on your users’ activity, switch languages dynamically, or increase the size of labels based on user preferences to improve legibility.
  • Create a custom map style with Mapbox Studio. Upload data, build styles from scratch, and style groups of layers together using style components. Publish your custom style and load it into your application. If you update the underlying data or you edit and publish updates to the style in Mapbox Studio, those changes will be reflected in your application.

These approaches are not mutually exclusive. You can load a custom style and update map features from that custom style in your application at runtime.

Mapbox Studio Manual

These guides cover working with the map style at runtime. For more information on how to create a custom map style in Mapbox Studio, see the Mapbox Studio Manual.

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