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Applications built with the Maps SDK for iOS are billed based on monthly active users (MAUs), specifically "Maps SDKs for Mobile" MAUs.

What is a Maps SDKs for Mobile MAU

Here's a breakdown of how monthly active users are counted by the Maps SDK for iOS.

How is the monthly period determined?

The month-long period aligns with your billing period, which is likely not aligned with calendar months. To see the billing period for your account, visit your Invoices page. Once a billing period ends, a new one starts and your MAU count resets to 0.

When is a user considered active?

A user of your application will be counted as a monthly active user as soon as they view a map or otherwise cause your app to use Maps SDK functionality.

How are unique users counted?

A single user is billed as one MAU across app upgrades as long as the app is not deleted. Deleting and re-installing an app that uses the Maps SDK will result in an additional MAU. This happens because the SDK does not store personally identifying information.

Which Mapbox services are included?

Maps SDK MAUs cover any use of the Vector Tiles API and Raster Tiles API in an application that includes the Maps SDK with no upfront commitments or annual contracts. These APIs are used, for example, when displaying a map view and panning around the map.

Cost per Maps SDK MAU

To see the number of Maps SDKs MAUs included in the free tier and the cost per Maps SDKs MAU beyond the free tier, see the Maps SDKs section of our pricing page.

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