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Previous versions

To cater to varying user needs and project requirements, we provide documentation for both the current and previous versions of the Mapbox Maps SDK. Below is a guide to our past versions, including the supported v10 and the legacy v6 version.

Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS v10

The Mapbox Maps SDK v10 continues to be supported. For documentation about this version, visit the API Reference pages.

Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS v6

The Mapbox Maps SDK v6 is a legacy version and is no longer supported. For archival information, you may refer to the Maps SDK v6 Documentation.

Transitioning from version 6 to version 11? We’ve got you covered. See the section below for a detailed guide on migrating your projects from Maps SDK v6 to Maps SDK v10 and the migration from v10 to v11 guide.

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