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Add a marker symbol to the map

Add a red teardrop-shaped marker image to a style and display it on the map using a SymbolLayer.

There are several ways to add markers, annotations, and other shapes to the map using the Maps SDK. To choose the best approach for your application, read the Markers and annotations guide.

import UIKit
import MapboxMaps

final class ViewController: UIViewController {
private lazy var mapView: MapView = {
let options = MapInitOptions(cameraOptions: CameraOptions(center: Constants.coordinate, zoom: 8))

return MapView(frame: view.bounds, mapInitOptions: options)

override func viewDidLoad() {

mapView.autoresizingMask = [.flexibleWidth, .flexibleHeight]

mapView.mapboxMap.loadStyle(.standard) { [weak self] error in
guard error == nil else { return }



private func addMarkerAnnotation() {
try? mapView.mapboxMap.addImage(UIImage(named: "dest-pin")!, id: Constants.RED_ICON_ID)

var source = GeoJSONSource(id: Constants.SOURCE_ID) = .geometry(Geometry.point(Point(Constants.coordinate)))
try? mapView.mapboxMap.addSource(source)

var layer = SymbolLayer(id: Constants.LAYER_ID, source: Constants.SOURCE_ID)
layer.iconImage = .constant(.name(Constants.RED_ICON_ID))
layer.iconAnchor = .constant(.bottom)
layer.iconOffset = .constant([0, 12])
try? mapView.mapboxMap.addLayer(layer)

extension ViewController {
private enum Constants {
static let RED_ICON_ID = "red"
static let SOURCE_ID = "source_id"
static let LAYER_ID = "layer_id"
static let coordinate = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: 55.665957, longitude: 12.550343)
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