public final class ViewAnnotationManager

Manager API to control View Annotations.

View annotations are UIView instances that are drawn on top of the MapView and bound to some Geometry (only Point is supported for now). In case some view annotations intersect on the screen Z-index is based on addition order.

View annotations are invariant to map camera transformations however such properties as size, visibility etc could be controlled by the user using update operation.

View annotations are not explicitly bound to any sources however ViewAnnotationOptions.associatedFeatureId could be used to bind given view annotation with some Feature by Feature.identifier meaning visibility of view annotation will be driven by visibility of given feature.

  • If the superview or the UIView.isHidden property of a custom view annotation is changed manually by the users the SDK prints a warning and reverts the changes, as the view is still considered for layout calculation. The default value is true, and setting this value to false will disable the validation.



    public var validatesViews: Bool