open class MatchOptions : DirectionsOptions

A MatchOptions object is a structure that specifies the criteria for results returned by the Mapbox Map Matching API.

Pass an instance of this class into the Directions.calculate(_:completionHandler:) method.

  • An index set containing indices of two or more items in coordinates. These will be represented by Waypoints in the resulting Match objects.

    Use this property when the DirectionsOptions.includesSteps property is true or when coordinates represents a trace with a high sample rate. If this property is nil, the resulting Match objects contain a waypoint for each coordinate in the match options.

    If specified, each index must correspond to a valid index in coordinates, and the index set must contain 0 and the last index (one less than endIndex) of coordinates.



    @available(*, deprecated, message: "Use Waypoint.separatesLegs instead.")
    open var waypointIndices: IndexSet?