@interface MGLRasterStyleLayer : MGLForegroundStyleLayer

An MGLRasterStyleLayer is a style layer that renders raster tiles on the map.

Use a raster style layer to configure the color parameters of raster tiles loaded by an MGLRasterSource object. For example, you could use a raster style layer to render Mapbox Satellite imagery, a raster tile set uploaded to Mapbox Studio, or a raster map authored in TileMill, the classic Mapbox Editor, or Mapbox Studio Classic.

You can access an existing raster style layer using the -[MGLStyle layerWithIdentifier:] method if you know its identifier; otherwise, find it using the MGLStyle.layers property. You can also create a new raster style layer and add it to the style using a method such as -[MGLStyle addLayer:].


let layer = MGLRasterStyleLayer(identifier: "clouds", source: source)
layer.rasterOpacity = MGLStyleValue(rawValue: 0.5)
  • Returns a raster style layer initialized with an identifier and source.

    After initializing and configuring the style layer, add it to a map view’s style using the -[MGLStyle addLayer:] or -[MGLStyle insertLayer:belowLayer:] method.



    - (nonnull instancetype)initWithIdentifier:(nonnull NSString *)identifier
                                        source:(nonnull MGLSource *)source;


    init(identifier: String, source: MGLSource)



    A string that uniquely identifies the source in the style to which it is added.


    The source from which to obtain the data to style. If the source has not yet been added to the current style, the behavior is undefined.

    Return Value

    An initialized foreground style layer.